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   Olives, the plant name from oil family. It is known 60 - species. Evergreen, subtropical fruit plant reaches - 4-12 m height. The leaves are small, dark green from above, from the Lower side is Silver- Gray. Kurkiania fruit has stones and it has oval or rounded shape. From seed grown olive gives fruit after 10-12 years, and from Calmy grown olive gives fruit after - 4-5 years. The lifecycle is 300-400 years. From one tree we can get 15-60 kg of fruit..

Olive grows almost on every kind of ground, but it is recommended to plant on carbonate  brown and dry sand fields. The Plant stays  -7 -9 C
   The fruit is used for cooking, tinning, oil distillation, in medicine, cotton-cake for animal misting, and the wood for joinery works.

   Olive culture,  historically  was integrated in Georgian subtropical regions (Abkhazia and  Kakheti). There are many historical facts of Olive in Georgia. Planting of olive was started in 1879 in Atoni by a monk and there was planted huge plots of plants. In the period of Soviet union the oil plants were belonging  of Soviet union. Political regime of that time was not able for  this kind of activities and the olive cultures were replaced by other cultures.



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