Geolive is a specialist olive nursery producing the largest range of olive varieties and tree sizes in Georgia. All olive varieties are propagated from mature motherstock trees that have been verified as true to type using DNA or morphological techniques.

Each of the plants displayed within our nursery have been specifically chosen and hand-selected by ourselves, taking into careful consideration its quality, form, shape and most importantly its price. Ensuring that we can offer the best value, quality stock to our customers is of high importance to us and paramount to the success of our business.

In Georgia, in the dry subtropical zone of Abkhazia and Kakheti, olive culture has been widespread since time immemorial. There are historical facts of the existence of olives in Georgia.

Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean, so they thrive in a climate where the summer is long, hot and dry and the winter is cool .


03 November 2009


Olive culture in Georgia was designed by an association founded by Georgians originally living in Turkey. There are five Georgian cultural associations in Bursa, Inegoli, Iznik, Orhangazi and Gemlik districts, where meetings are held every month, which serve the purpose of developing Georgian culture and relations with Georgia. The mentioned project started when the Georgian folklore celebration, which is organized every year, was held in Inegoli district. In 2009, the chairman of the association in Iznik, Ibrahim Shener, the chairman of the association in Orhangazi, Ahmet Kahraman, and the president of the association in Inegol, Mehmet Nuri Tayar, participated in the celebration in 2009. Also, the Minister of Diaspora from Georgia and the representatives of the Turkish and Georgian embassies, who held a presentation on olive culture. They were satisfied with the presentation. They contacted the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and planned a meeting regarding the fact that on November 3, 2009, the Ministry of Agriculture will hold a presentation on olive culture.
We came together with the chairmen of the Association of Georgians, Ibrahim Shener, Mehmet Nuri Tayar, Ahmet Kahraman. Also with us are Mr. Ali Sami Ozel, who is the director of a prestigious company producing olive seedlings in Turkey, and Giorgi Svanidze. All of the above are the founders of Georgia-based Geolive LLC, as well as a first-degree associate professor, doctor, and professor of the Faculty of Agriculture. You made a presentation at the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry expressed its desire to support this project in every way. We spent ten days researching the climatic conditions of all regions of Georgia and made sure that olives can be grown in Kakheti, Imereti and Samegrelo.

01 March 2010


We founded (Oz Ege Firm) under the leadership of the Union of Partners in Turkey and also founded “Geolive” LLC in Georgia in March 2010 and planted the first sapling.
Geolive LLC planted olive gardens on 200 ha of agricultural land, where 100,000 saplings were planted, and 400,000 saplings were planted by other legal and physical entities, 200 village workers were employed.

26 March 2016


After receiving the harvest, there was a need to open an enterprise, for which we participated in the state program “Produce in Georgia” of the Ministry of Agriculture, we received a grant and opened the first world-standard technology line for olive oil distilling and marinade processing in Georgia. Ministry of Agriculture.

On March 26, 2016, an olive processing plant was opened in Sakobo, Sighnaghi district, where the first person of the country, the Minister of Agriculture and representatives of the Ministry of Diaspora were invited.